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Bathroom Renovation in Newbury and All Surrounding Areas | Range of Quality Carpentry Work

Why a Wet Room May Be Right For You

At KPS Home Improvements, our team completes high-quality bathroom renovations. We can install a range of bathroom suites, shower trays and specialist wet rooms. Our team also manages all carpentry work to improve builds including installing bespoke design wooden staircases. To create a unified style and optimise the functionality of properties, our kitchen fitters also work on first-rate custom kitchen renovations.

Our team have listed a few of the benefits of wet rooms to help you determine if they might be the right choice to improve your home in Newbury or any of the other areas we cover.

High Aesthetic Value

Wet rooms add a visually stunning feature to all properties our experts install them in. With wall to ceiling tiling, an open-plan style and minimalist features, bathrooms can be transformed into elegant and efficient spaces. Our installations can make showering enjoyable and feel luxurious.

We install:

  • Toilets

  • Showerheads

  • Drains

  • Sinks

  • Fans 

  • And Much More…

Space Saving

Wet rooms are a great solution for smaller properties. You achieve all the benefits of regular shower spaces without the bulky fixtures. They also work well for all shapes and sizes of buildings and even the most unique architectural features can be incorporated.

Increasing Value

The optimised aesthetic and functionality that the wet rooms we install as part of bathroom renovations provide are a highly sought-after feature. Our installations are sleek, custom designed and are suitable for all types of occupants. They are suitable for young children, adults and people with mobility requirements. The accessibility wet rooms provide can make your property more appealing to all prospective buyers or renters in Newbury and the other areas we cover.

For those looking to enhance the rest of their property, our team of first-rate kitchen fitters work on kitchen refurbishments. We also undertake an extensive range of specialist carpentry work including bespoke wooden staircases.

Easy To Clean

Fewer fixtures and fittings in an open space means that your new wet room will be easy to clean. Enclosed showers often easily gather grime and in small spaces, which can make them high maintenance and difficult to clean. With the open plan design of wet rooms cleaning will be easy. This can make your space more appealing as it will be low maintenance and can save you time.

With our sleek wet rooms, you also have endless design possibilities to create your dream space.

The knowledgeable team at KPS Home Improvements Ltd are available to discuss if wet rooms are the right choice for your upcoming bathroom renovation. We are also happy to advice clients on the quality carpentry work we undertake and the work our kitchen fitters complete for kitchen refurbishments. We cover domestic customers, homeowners, commercial clients and main contractors in Newbury and the surrounding areas.

For bathroom renovations and quality carpentry work in Newbury and all of the surrounding areas, please call KPS Home Improvements on 0118 9815619 or 07787 530208 today.