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Kitchen Refurbishments in Basingstoke | Expert Kitchen Fitters in Basingstoke and All Surrounding Areas

Benefits of Having a Fitted Kitchen

The expert kitchen fitters at KPS Home Improvements Ltd undertake transformative kitchen refurbishments by installing quality fitted kitchens. We complete all required carpentry work for new kitchens to ensure a smooth installation. For those looking to improve the rest of their property, we also complete bathroom renovations and install bespoke wooden staircases.

Our highly experienced team have noted a few of the many benefits of having a fitted kitchen in properties in Basingstoke and all of the areas we cover.

Custom Fit

Fitted kitchens provide the perfect fit for your kitchen. With the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, our team can virtually show customers how the kitchen will fit in their new space. We provide precise, customised measurements to achieve a sleek and seamless fitted kitchen. A custom kitchen also means the space will be optimised to your exact specifications. It will have a great flow, be attractive and will provide more usable space in your property.

Optimised Functionality

At KPS Home Improvements Ltd, we stay in constant communication throughout projects to establish everything you need so we can fit your dream kitchen. Our kitchen fitters manage the installation of all your required features and determine the best placement for your needs. Having each element set up to your unique specification will optimise the functionality and make it easy to navigate. We manage every aspect to ensure a cohesive, safe and fully functional new kitchen for all customers in Basingstoke.

Visually Stunning

Another benefit of fitting a kitchen as part of kitchen refurbishments is that they can update and revitalise the style of your home. Our team can also complete bathroom renovations, create bespoke design wooden staircases and a range of carpentry work to ensure a consistent aesthetic throughout your build. We offer a range of design and style options so there will be a visually stunning option for everyone to match their personal taste. Customisable features include:

  • Worktops

  • Cabinets

  • Flooring

  • And Much More…

Value For Money

Our fitted kitchens are custom designed, precise and high quality. The seamless installations we deliver are not only attractive and fully functional but are also long lasting. Our fitted kitchens are cost-effective and are a great investment. Having everything set up as you need will save you having to buy multiple, uncoordinated items for your kitchen. With the additional usable space attained, you won’t have to move house to achieve the space you want and need.

For those planning on selling their property, fitted kitchens can also increase the value of your home.

The kitchen fitters at KPS Home Improvements are happy to answer any questions clients have about our quality kitchen refurbishments. We can also advise customers on the bathroom renovations, bespoke wooden staircases and the other carpentry work we undertake to improve homes in Basingstoke and all of the surrounding areas.

For kitchen fitters completing quality kitchen refurbishments in Basingstoke and all of the surrounding areas, please call KPS Home Improvements on 0118 9815619 or 07787 530208 today.