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Carpentry Work in Hook and Basingstoke | Benefits of Installing Fitted Wardrobes

The team at KPS Home Improvements Ltd manages a range of carpentry work to improve properties in Hook, Basingstoke, Winchester and the surrounding areas. One of the most popular services we provide is crafting fitted wardrobes. With over 40 years of experience, our experts know the best methods and materials to create bespoke installations. We also craft staircases and balustrades, which you can read more about on our wooden staircases blog. You can also read our testimonials to learn about the quality projects we have completed.

On this page, our specialists look at the benefits of installing fitted wardrobes, including:

  • Utilising Space

  • Suitability

  • Maximising Space

  • Matching Personal Style

Utilising Space

One of the main benefits of bespoke wardrobes is that they are tailored to fit your space. Our team creates designs to optimise the layout of properties and will fit seamlessly into your home. This eliminates the disheartening and costly experience of purchasing premade furniture and discovering it doesn’t quite fit the room. Whether your building has simple shapes or unique architecture, our experts craft wardrobes to fit your room and free up floor space.


Fitted wardrobes can be installed in any room of homes in and around Hook and Basingstoke. Typically, the most popular place for fitted wardrobes is either the bedroom or the kitchen, but our team can manage bespoke carpentry work for any room you like. Our custom wardrobes provide ample room to store shoes, clothes and accessories whilst optimising your floor space.

Maximising Space

Our specialists help you fill your home’s potential by utilising the existing layout to offer the maximum amount of storage space possible. With options for floor-to-ceiling units that provide the most amount of height, you can store full-length dresses and even have space for a box or shoes. 

We can also craft fitted wardrobes to offer maximum depth. Unlike freestanding units, you won’t have a gap between the wardrobe and the wall so that you can store larger items.

Matching Personal Style

Investing in custom fitted wardrobes means that you can essentially choose any style or finish you desire. The team at KPS Home Improvements Ltd will work closely with you to establish your exact specifications and craft furniture that meets all of your needs and wants. 

With bespoke installations, you have the final say on every element, from contemporary, colourful designs to sleek, timeless styles. Our experts can craft traditional-looking furniture to match your existing style or create an aesthetic you have always wanted. 

We manage all carpentry work to create bespoke fitted wardrobes for customers in Hook, Basingstoke and all of the surrounding areas.

For specialists managing quality carpentry work in Hook, Basingstoke and all surrounding areas, please call KPS Home Improvements on 0118 9815619 or 07787 530208.