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Bathroom Renovation in Newbury and Basingstoke | Advantages of Professional Bathroom Installations

At KPS Home Improvements Ltd, our team manages bathroom renovations to enhance all types of properties. Our specialists have over 40 years of experience transforming bathrooms in Newbury, Basingstoke and all surrounding areas. As one of the most important rooms in the house, bathrooms receive a lot of daily traffic. Whether you are planning on selling or updating your home, your bathrooms will need to serve their intended purpose to ensure a practical and enjoyable home. This can be achieved by hiring our professionals to complete quality work. You can read more about the specific work we undertake on our company blog

Here, we discuss the benefits of hiring professionals to manage bathroom installations, including:

  • Quality Services

  • Time-Saving

  • Reliable Service

  • Professional Advice

Quality Services

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and completing quality, detailed work. This level of quality cannot be guaranteed with DIY projects or an inexperienced team. We have a reputation as reliable specialists providing quality services in Newbury, Basingstoke and the surrounding areas. From bathroom renovations to installing wet rooms, we provide a solution for all situations. 

Our team ensures that all bathroom fixtures and fittings are correctly installed and don’t interfere with the manoeuvrability of the room. We make sure your needs are met and adhere to all best practices, health and safety regulations. Our professional work will eliminate the need for costly repairs to fix poor first attempts.


Some DIY enthusiasts can save costs by completing tasks themselves, but they typically spend a lot more time getting the job done. Unlike solo workers, our professionals work as a unit to manage every stage of bathroom installations safely and successfully. Our experts will complete bathroom installations much faster than DIY projects and ensure all work is finished right the first time around. This eliminates repair costs, the hassle of buying more materials, and the time spent resolving errors.

Reliable Service

With experience managing different types of bathroom installations, we cover all elements to ensure a seamless finish. Our professionals take every care during installations to make sure they are completely safe. We use the highest quality materials for every project and use top-of-the-line tools and equipment. We provide a reliable service throughout all installations, from the design to the final finishes.

Professional Advice

Our knowledgeable team understands the factors involved in creating unique bathrooms for each customer. We create different layouts and designs using the best materials for each project. The trusted team at KPS Home Improvements Ltd are happy to advise you on all aspects of the installations we manage. Our experts can offer guidance on achieving your desired aesthetic and creating a space that is easy to navigate and fully functional.

Our professionals will help you achieve the full potential of your Newbury or Basingstoke building with bathroom renovations or new installations.

For quality bathroom renovations in Newbury, Basingstoke and all surrounding areas, please call KPS Home Improvements on 0118 9815619 or 07787 530208.